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We have no words to describe how unbelievable Holly and Jesse’s wedding was a few weeks ago at the outstanding Northbrook Park. 

This wedding is every photographers & videographers dream! A stunning couple, a gorgeous wedding venue and a bunch of kind and welcoming guests. 

After capturing Jesse & Holly’s engagement session back in May, we couldn’t wait for this day to arrive! 

We flew back from Portugal and landed to a very rainy England but the clouds cleared just in time for them to be showered with confetti and to fly the drone up into the skies allowing us to capture thousands of rose petals floating down on them. 

The love Jesse & Holly have for one another shines through in abundance and their faces light up when they look at each others. 

A wonderful wedding with wonderful people. We wish you a life of fun, traveling and smiles.

Love N&M


I am so obsessed!! Thanks so much – H+J

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