After the cake has been eaten and the dress has been tucked away, Your wedding album is your one and only item that will take you back to the most amazing day of your life over and over again! We want your album to last a lifetime! Every album sold by Natalie & Max Photo and Films is of the highest quality and standard. We can guarantee that your photographs won’t fade over time, the binding will always stay strong and materials will always be of the highest quality. As with everything there are cheaper albums out there, but if this is something you want to hand down to your children and stay in your family for generations, it’s going to need to withstand the journey.  We offer four styles of wedding albums, ‘The Signature’, ‘The Frame’, ‘The Flush’ & ‘The Mounted’ album. Each album is special in their own way and depending on your style and budget we’ll find the perfect album for you. See our shop below to choose the perfect album for you! 


“The Frame” album is our most popular wedding album! For anyone questioning whether to get an album or not because you’re worried it will just sit in a box, this album is the ideal solution for you! It has been carefully designed to fit perfectly within a photo frame so that you can have it on display at all times. The album comes in Landscape, Portrait or Square and has four sizes to choose from. We hang design each album to suit you and match your wedding theme. Together you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of colours and materials. Whether you choose to have 40 or 400 photos in the album we’ll make sure it’s something that you’ll be excited to display in your home.


“The Flush” is another popular album. It allows us to expand your photographs seamlessly to the edge of the pages. This luxurious album can be customised in more ways than you can imagine and comes in six different sizes. Everything is possible with this album, whether you choose to have your names embossed on the front or a large full page photo, these albums look great every time! Unlike the frame album you can choose from a huge range of materials such as leather, cotton, linen and vegan leather. A timeless and classic luxury wedding album.


Welcome to the best of the very best in the wedding album world. ‘The Mounted’ album enables us to expand some photographs to the edge of the page whilst also allowing other pages to be overlayed with elegant ivory mount. If you are looking to show off your photos in an elegant and breath taking way, this is the album for you! As each page involves a lot of card, we recommended this album has between 100-200 photographs.  This is an album you’ll keep safe and treasure forever.


Introducing our brand new digital album – “The Signature” it’s the perfect combination for anyone who has booked our ‘Signature Collection’. If you’re worried about your video never being watched or your album staying in the draw, this is the album for you. With a huge 10″ screen we’ll program your wedding videos to play alongside your stunning wedding photographs. The album that has it all and it’s actually the album we’ve chosen for our own wedding! Having your wedding video and album all in one place means you can take it around to visit friends and family is the reason we’ve created this album and it’s the reason it’s perfectly paired with our ‘Signature Collection’